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ILLUMA 3: Closer to Nature

It is very light on the tummy. My baby is a bit picky with the milk as she gets constipated and get colicky. This didn't happen with Illuma 3. Nice formula with added essential nutritients needed for toddlers growth. Highly recommended! Read more

Rhowela M, 39 years


Myy kids love to drink flavoured milk but at the back of my mind I was always worried so I was always to give them only once in a blue moon. But since the day I discovered Arla organic milk I never looked back as I know what I'm giving to my kids. Quality of the milk is not compromised along with the flavour. Its packaging is also really sturdy and we can carry it anywhere tension free. It is the best milk for school lunchbox Read more

Fatima A, 32 years

S-26 Progress GOLD

Really happy to use because of it's furst bottle only was liked by my daughter. She loved taste and overall what i feel is it's not heavy feeling formulae. Highly recommended. Read more

Hina W, 39 years

Careem NOW

The overall service of Careem Now is great, Food was delivered hot and at the exact location I had requested for. I loved the App , Easy to order. Read more

Mehak A, 30 years

Purina ONE

My cats have been using one brand for food (except for treats) for a long time already. Though i tried to feed them a different brand before, it didn’t turned out well so i decided to stick to the old one. But when i received the free sample of Purina One for cats, i’m amaze of how they like it. I actually prepared two sets of foods for them, the old brand & the Purina One, to figure out which they will eat more. And honestly, they really like Purina One. So yes, definitely i will buy it in the future. The fact that my cats love it & at the same time, the price is very affordable. Read more

Gayzel A, 34 years


This product is amazing. I have received it to test it and I just love how my skin reacted in it. The gentle lift effect is almost imidiate after the aplication. It makes the skin smoother and somehow brighter. I used the other vitamin C serums before but nothing comes close to this one. I will definitively be buying this product myself. Read more

Milena S, 37 years

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