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5 / 5

My cats have been using one brand for food (except for treats) for a long time already. Though i tried to feed them a different brand before, it didn’t turned out well so i decided to stick to the old one. But when i received the free sample of Purina One for cats, i’m amaze of how they like it. I actually prepared two sets of foods for them, the old brand & the Purina One, to figure out which they will eat more. And honestly, they really like Purina One. So yes, definitely i will buy it in the future. The fact that my cats love it & at the same time, the price is very affordable.

Gayzel A, 34 years

3 / 5


Kristina rae R, 37 years

5 / 5

everything i tried with my cats dry food ,gravy both of them love it .my cats are active n happy .Totally recommend purina one.

Uzma K, 39 years

4.5 / 5

They produced Very good quality of cat food . Your cat will loved everyday

Fatima A, 36 years

5 / 5

Its a great product! ?? for that, i hope you continue to develop the products and alot of cats will be more healthier.

Zepaniah D, 34 years

4 / 5

I believe i now found a better And more nutritious food option for my cat which i can really afford.

Joy B, 42 years

4 / 5

Actually my cats love it and I replaced it with it long time, she like the chicken more and i will use the chicken again. But i will not use the tuna type you send it again

Eman A, 31 years

5 / 5

منتج رائع واتمنى من الكل شراءه لان قطتي احبته بشده شكرا لكم بورينا ون

فجر ن, 32 years

5 / 5

I have observed that my 4 cats really love the taste and they have been energetic, their fur has the glow and overall, I am satisfied. But when I go to shops and check the price, I felt is it expensive.

Queenie C, 39 years

4 / 5

المنتج جيد يشكل عام لكن السعر ليس رخيص

Abd H, 41 years

5 / 5

Purina one is a high quality cat food from packaging to content and is well-liked by my cat

Sarestel T, 44 years

4.5 / 5

We will continue buying Purina

Mert B, 42 years

5 / 5

منتج مفيد سوف اشتريه دائما

Ghena M, 23 years

5 / 5

It's really good definitely will buy again and other more purina cat biscuits. I also can see a lot of change in her she has gotten active and her fur is so smooth and silky looking.

Vishan L, 23 years

3.5 / 5

Very good

Martreem F, 37 years

4 / 5

I love the product because you know you are giving the best quality food to your cat packed with all nutrients. Thank you Purina.

Carmina C, 23 years

3.5 / 5

The food itself is very good and my cat accepted it right away. She actually tried to open the packet by her teeth when we got the parcel, she could smell it i believe. I have tried other purina foods and fancy feasts in the past for my cat as well however Purina one is the best so far.

Hareem O, 35 years

4 / 5

It made my cat so active.. my cat hair looks healthier shiny and it increased my cat appetite. She ate a lot when she started eating Purina one.

Diana T, 35 years

5 / 5

Its easy to feed. My cat’s hair becomes softer and shinier. My cat’s love it!!

Ma bernadette C, 49 years

4 / 5

My boys had become more energized with the three week trial. They loved the food and i can see a difference in their coat/fur. Less shedding and i guess its softer, fluffier.

Rowenna O, 47 years

4.5 / 5

Overall the product seems to be great and lives up to its promises. Most important thing for me was Riko ,is a very picky eater and he immediately liked the taste of Purina One .

Rubina S, 41 years

2 / 5

My cat loves eating PurinaOne. He finishes his bowl every mealtime and does not leave any morsel at all. I also noticed PurinaOne is filling. My cat will not ask for food until the next mealtime. I also liked the convenient resealable pouch.

Beverly T, 41 years

5 / 5

This is a nice treat for the cats, they give good nutrition to them and helps them improve their appetite and coats.

Cristina L, 41 years

4 / 5

Very nince

Baydaa F, 34 years

4.5 / 5

Should have more flavors and shapes for biscuits.

Madeeha A, 37 years

4.5 / 5

Good food, my cat really like it ,ive seen a increase of energe since he is eating it.

Mariana B, 43 years

5 / 5

Amazing product for healthy growth of cats

Sahla M, 33 years

5 / 5

The color and packaging is so good even the size of dry food pieces is good. My cat has became way much more energitic than before even his fur is getting silky.

Tibyan O, 25 years

4.5 / 5

Overall, the 3 week challenge was a success.The packaging is very attractive, with the additional handle on the side, it makes it easy to decant the food- not to mention the right size resealabl opening on one side as not to completely expose the cat food to air. Considering I have a sensitive cat, I did not encounter any digestive problems, and my cat obviously loves the taste. I notice that my cat’s skin is very clean- and glowing without the usual flakes and dark spots that she gets (I have a cream sphynx cat). We will keep using PurinaONE to see the prolonged effect- energy wise, and because we love the glow on my cat’s skin!

Kareen T, 45 years

5 / 5

My cats loved it very much .. They didn't make me suffer at all .. They keep asking for more. . Their furr became so smooth and nuce

Lulty L, 38 years

5 / 5

It’s amazing and I will continue buying it

Wesam D, 36 years

5 / 5

It is amazing

Hiba A, 34 years

5 / 5

احببته كثيرا وسوف اشتري هذا المنتج لانه حسن من شهيه قططتي كما اني لاحظت شعرورها بالفرحه عند وضعه لها

Yazizo A, 33 years

5 / 5

Love i will buy it more and more

Areej A, 41 years

5 / 5

Love it

Fatima S, 38 years

5 / 5

A healthy product

Sino M, 34 years

4.5 / 5

Nutritious food of all day time ,healthy cat , good fur and energetic than before.

Eng G, 36 years

4.5 / 5

For the sake of your cat's health ,purina one is the best , not harmful, delicious and natural ingredients and color

Afaf G, 36 years

4.5 / 5

My cat start eating it from the third day which is an accivement as its a very fussy cat. I think its a good food comparing to other brands.

Stefan N, 45 years

5 / 5

It s a great product. My cat is a bit choosy wen it comes to food but had an immediate attraction to the smell and taste of Purina. In fact it now loves even the packet!

Masood B, 23 years

4.5 / 5

My cats really like it, and the package design is great and easy to use and to seal it again

Nouran H, 39 years

4 / 5

Purine ONE is very nutritious and healthy for cats. It does not have a very strong smell, unlike other pet foods, which is great. The packaging is really good as it comes with a ziplock, makes it very convenient to use. I mixed Purina ONE with the pet food that I was already giving so that my cats would get used to it. They seemed to enjoy their meal.

Afrin fatima S, 29 years