Confidentiality and data protection policy as of 25 May 2018

Sampleo builds strong and long-lasting relationships with its users, based on mutual trust: ensuring the security and confidentiality of users' personal details is an absolute priority for Sampleo.
Sampleo abides by all French and European regulatory and legislative provisions about data protection.

Sampleo applies an extremely strict policy for guaranteeing the protection of its users' personal health details:

Identity and contact details of processing managers

The entity in charge of the processing of users' personal data collected during the user's account creation and activity on the site or its application is Sampleo, located at 2 Rue Paul Vaillant Couturier, 92300 Levallois-Perret.

If the user has any questions or claims relating to Sampleo's compliance with the present policy, or if the user wishes to make Sampleo aware of any recommendations or comments about improving this policy, the user may contact Sampleo by writing to the following address:

What information do we collect?

  1. Information collected through questionnaires :
    1. At registration
      NWe collect data when you register on our site.
      When you register, you will just be asked for your personal email address.
      Later, if you wish to apply to get products to test, we will ask you for the following information:
      • First name,
      • Surname,
      • Landline number,
      • Mobile number,
      • Postal address,
      • Occupation,
      • Marital status,
      • Number, age and gender of children,
      • Type of smartphone
      • Presence on social networks
      • Areas of interest
    2. Throughout your time on the site
      Once you are registered on the site, you can complete additional surveys:
      • Profiling questionnaires: these help us to get to know your better and thus to select you more easily to get products.
      • Consumption habit questionnaires: these are asked as part of campaigns in which you wish to take part and are mandatory for approving your application. These also help to get all the information needed to select people to take part in ambassador programmes.

      None of your answers are ever disclosed to a third party in a form that would make it possible to identity you personally, unless you ask otherwise or explicitly agree to it.

      We only disclose the results of questionnaires to campaign partner brands and in aggregation form.

  2. Data collected in photo/video form

    As part of your ambassador programme you can submit photo or video content relating to your experience. When uploading such content you can select whether it should be for the exclusive internal use of Sampleo staff (in which case our teams will use the content solely for internal evaluation of the project and your activity) or whether it may be made public (in which case other visitors to the platform may see the content).

    Your content will be kept by Sampleo for as long as the campaign involved appears on the Sampleo site. After this period, all content relating to the campaign will be deleted. You can delete this content yourself at any time by going to your ambassador space (or simply by sending a request by email if you have deleted your account).

    Furthermore, Sampleo may show all of your content to partner brands in order to inform them about status, give an example of how the product is used or to show them results. In such an eventuality, your identity will never be linked to the content. The brand shall only be allowed to use your content with your explicit consent.

    When you give permission for your content to be published, you explicitly authorise Sampleo to use it in any form (brochure, sales material, newsletters, presentation, online banner, etc.) in order to promote the Sampleo site and its community.

    However, you can view our website anonymously with registering.

How can you access your personal details?

All data sent is available through the “My Account” pages on the site.
You can go there freely and at any time to change/delete any details provided. The same goes for content sent during the ambassador programme.

Share your personal data with us?

We may communicate your personal data to employees of Sampleo or our service providers (for example, our logistics supplier who handles product dispatches) and/or commercial partners for the purposes previously mentioned and solely to the extent needed for them to fulfil the tasks entrusted to them. These people may have cause to contact you directly using the details that you provided to us.
Please note that we demand from our suppliers that they use your personal data strictly to complete the services that we ask them to provide. We also ask these suppliers to act at all times in accordance with applicable data protection laws and to take special care to uphold the confidentiality of the data.

Where do we store your personal data?

Your personal data is stored either in our databases or in those of our service providers.
In some cases, and mainly for technical reasons, these databases may be stored on services located outside the country (including outside the European Union) in which you originally entered the data.
In order to optimise service quality, communicating the data referred to above may involve transferring personal data outside your country and/or to countries that are not members of the European Economic Area and where data protection legislation may different to that prevailing in the European Union.
In such cases, rigorous and appropriate physical, organisational, procedural and technical measures relating to staff ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data.

Right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of personal data.

Subject to proving his identity, the User has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him. The User can exercise this right by writing to Sampleo at the following email address:, or at the following postal address: Sampleo, 2, rue Paul Vaillant Couturier 92300 Levallois-Perret, France