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This product was very pleasant to wear and apply. Very nice packaging. Application is very easy with the small spatula to pick up the gel, which is very cool and super pleasant to apply. It dries very quickly, isn’t sticky and doesn’t feel greasy. It is very hydrating. I rinse it off in the morning and my skin is very soft… I love it. Read more

Maryne L, 31 years


My skin is generally dehydrated, dry in places and oily in the T zone. Logically, I would have to apply 2 creams to meet my needs. But now I'm testing this cream all over my face and my skin has been reactive. This mask product completely hydrated my skin and controlled the oil. For me this product was a revelation. Read more

Maryne L, 31 years


I wasn’t familiar with this brand and I was pleasantly surprised by this product. Since my skin is often dehydrated, this product boosted my complexion! Its texture is soft and pleasant, the fragrance is pleasant without being too strong. I plan to continue my adventure with this product in the future and, since I’ve spoken to others about it, they’re also thinking about using it given its effectiveness on my face! Read more

Maryne L, 31 years


I recommend this product 100%. Since I’ve been using it in my routine my skin is fresh and plump. The fragrance is sweet and fresh and this feeling of freshness on the skin is great, whether in the morning when waking up or in the evening after a hard day. It works and you feel fresh. Read more

Maryne L, 31 years

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