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Discover Ubigi's smart, cost-effective eSIM data plans for travel

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Discover Ubigi's smart, cost-effective eSIM data plans for travel

Explore the world and stay connected without having to pay exorbitant roaming charges!

Savvy globetrotters are now choosing eSIM for their travels, a more economical and simpler solution to staying connected abroad.

Ubigi eSIM is a cellular connectivity service offering data plans in over 200 destinations, without the hassle of local SIM cards or unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. Say goodbye to excessive roaming charges from your operator and save up to 90%! You can now use your favorite applications to book a taxi, locate yourself on a map, share your photos or videos, stay in touch with your loved ones, and much more, all at affordable prices and without changing your SIM card.


What is eSIM?

The eSIM is the equivalent of a digital SIM card, which you can program remotely to instantly add a new mobile subscription. You keep your usual telephone number, allowing you to remain accessible at all times. Simply switch your mobile data consumption to the Ubigi eSIM via the settings of your mobile device (the majority of recent smartphones are now eSIM compatible).

Example of a device connected with Ubigi: 

Discover the exclusive benefits of Ubigi eSIM mobile data plans, designed to revolutionize your travels
  • Instant activation via the Ubigi application.
  • Prepaid, Ubigi eSIM data plans guarantee you total control over your expenses, without bill shock, and without any commitment.
  • Benefit from a very wide choice of package offers to meet your specific needs: daily, monthly, or annual plan, for a specific country or an entire region, from 500MB to 50GB.
  • Simplify your travels like never before: say goodbye to the hassle of changing physical SIM cards, unsecured public Wi-Fi networks that often have poor connection.

Enjoy coverage in more than 200 destinations, eliminating your operator's exorbitant roaming charges: you install the Ubigi eSIM once in your device and easily reactivate it each time you travel.

Now check if your mobile device is compatible: dial *#06# with your device, if you see an EID* number then your device is eSIM compatible, or see the list here.

Are you traveling soon? Discover Ubigi eSIM data plans and explore a world without borders!

*Embedded Identity Document: serial number corresponding to the eSIM installed in a connected device

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