Puck Creamy Spreads

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To all the moms out there, are you struggling making your kid enjoy better and more nutritious food?

Here’s your chance to create fun content and give your kids a taste they’ll love! Spread your arms wide and welcome Puck’s Creamy spreads to your family’s diet – offering a greater sweet alternative for the prefect start to the day!  

Moms usually aspire to give their kids a tasty start to the day but it is not always easy to convince them to eat the right food. 

Puck’s New launch will bring the taste your kids love with the goodness of dairy. 

Puck Creamy Spreads offering a mouth-watering sweet alternative to other sugary spreads is right for your Kid!  

Did you know?

  • Puck Creamy Spreads is a new concept that will redefine the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry spreads category.
  • Puck Sweet Spreads are a way for mom to ‘smuggle in the goodness’ because of the dairy credentials & 30% less sugar & fat.
  • Puck Sweet spread is made of milk and full of delicious flavors  
  • It allows guilt-free consumption without mother’s control, thereby balancing the child’s sugar intake for the day

Kids tend to be very attracted to sugary alternatives. Puck’s New launch will bring the taste kids love with the dairy goodness mom wants.



  •  promote the new Puck Creamy Spreads
  •  try the product for yourselves to experience the delicious taste
  •  create fun content showing your kid enjoying Puck’s creamy spreads
  •  mention the different flavors available (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry)

One of the most exciting campaigns is coming to you in the UAE and KSA!

Say Hello to finer sweet Spreads with Puck!  

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