Growing-up Milk

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ILLUMA 3: The Innovative Growing-Up Milk That’s Closer to Nature

Are you a mom with a child between the ages of 1-3? If yes, then this is the perfect campaign for you!


Discover ILLUMA 3, the product of the latest scientific research in nutrition. Inspired by nature, it’s designed to help fuel your child's growth and immune functions while being gentle on the stomach to help meet their natural potential!  

As part of this campaign, ILLUMA 3 offers lucky ambassadors in the UAE and with children between 1-3 years, the opportunity to experience their premium and innovative growing-up milk. 

When you expose your child to the greatness of nature and nurture them with the best that science can offer (ILLUMA3), you unleash their potential for greatness! ILLUMA 3 has an innovative combination of a beneficial fat (sn-2 palmitate) and prebiotic fiber (oligofructose) designed to help support nutrient absorption and digestive health.

ILLUMA 3 is designed to be easy on the stomach and to improve the digestion and gut health of your baby. Say goodbye to constipation and upset stomachs!

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