Purina ONE cat food

Purina ONE: Visible Health for Today and Tomorrow

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4.7 / 5

43 لقد قام الأعضاء بتقييم المنتج

Your cat's acceptance of the food
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Quality of the food
98% الأرآء الإيجابية / 2%الأرآء السلبية


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4 / 5

This was a great initiative by Purina to make cat owners more aware of their pet's needs and nutritional necessities. Until before, i would always think of getting cat food for my cat just to fill her tummy and always associated her nutritional well being thru vaccinations and vitamin shots (which sure are painful for the animals) But now i am more aware and happier that she can get her nutritional value from her food. This food has helped my cat fight excessive Hair fall and made her more energetic. she has definitely become more active and naughty.

Narjes Q, 30 السنوات

5 / 5

This is the one i am looking for leo, all in one. Appetizing, less hair fall and his hair became so shiny, his senses were so active..his energy level is superb

Meldigrace E, 35 السنوات

4.5 / 5

Switching from real food to THIS ONE was a blast, now I don't have to worry about putting food daily, I can just fill the box and voila... and at least it will not get infested with ants :P

Viktoriia F, 33 السنوات

4.5 / 5

Its one of the best wallet-friendly options out there and at the same time is healthy for my cat!

Mona B, 32 السنوات

4 / 5

I have 2 cats, one of them was so in love with the smell and taste of Purina One, the other that is younger doesn't like it at all.

Eliana T, 42 السنوات

5 / 5

the product is amazing my cats love it so much

Soo S, 36 السنوات

5 / 5

It's absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend it for pets

Anastasia K, 45 السنوات

5 / 5

healthy food good smell nice packiging

Marilyn G, 35 السنوات

5 / 5

Amazing noticeable difference one could see

Ambar Q, 32 السنوات

5 / 5

My cats liked it so far plus it was easy to digest. I noticed during the first week that my cats were getting healthier and they have more energy now and want to play more than they were before using other dry food. Also I noticed their hair growth speed it was quit good comparing it with other brands within the same price range. But the most I liked so far that it is a good quality food and a budget friendly. Thank you for giving me the chance to participate in this campaign and I would like to join any other campaigns for Purina One.

Hana M, 34 السنوات

5 / 5

That was great

Shalbia H, 37 السنوات

5 / 5

Enjoyed the Experience and tried the new food ... And bought changes to their diet ... :)

Nadia A, 31 السنوات

5 / 5

This was a really easy campaign and the deliveries were made on time and appreciate the quantity of food delivered. I could even give some samples to friends to try out.

Ashvith A, 39 السنوات

5 / 5

My cat loves it and usually she won't eat if she isnt a fan

Jasmine S, 44 السنوات

5 / 5

very good in distributing and enviting more people to use purina. me and my family have been using purina one on off for 4 years now, and its very good.

Israa S, 33 السنوات

5 / 5

A great one that proved their products quality and honesty

Hadeer s. S, 28 السنوات

5 / 5

Not a lot of people know about Purina One. Barely anybody I recommended to had heard of this version. Great food!

Priyanka A, 27 السنوات

5 / 5

my cats always finished the food in their bowl, when it is Purina One they always have an appetite, in fact they don't want to eat wet food only Purina One

Candy B, 48 السنوات

5 / 5

Papis fur was visibly smoother and she was happier. She ate every mouthful of that food and loved it. If papi is happy I am happy.

James S, 35 السنوات

5 / 5

I am very satisfied with Challenge and Changed my cat food to purina one they help hair growing and weight

Maha A, 42 السنوات

1.5 / 5

جميل ولاكن زاد معدل سقوط شعر قطتي للاسف

Hanan A, 31 السنوات

4.5 / 5

Very nice experience...

Haidy G, 45 السنوات

5 / 5

My cats were very keen on trying the new food and they felt more energetic and always keen on having more and more of Purina one

Shaheeka S, 29 السنوات

5 / 5

Our cats have really enjoyed the Purina One cat food. The quality of the product is above and beyond it’s competitors, the packaging is high end and stands out from the crowd and our cats never left any after being fed! Both of our cats have got shiny coats and we have not had any hair balls since using the product - we couldn’t recommend more!

Suzie W, 38 السنوات

5 / 5

i have nothing to add for the dry food its really good product and i will try to let my cat try the wet food from purina

Mays A, 34 السنوات

5 / 5

Meow I’m loving it

Elham J, 34 السنوات

5 / 5

It was good idea to participate in such challenge . Thank you

Yulya B, 41 السنوات

5 / 5

It’s new and fresh , for me atleast. Everything was great from packaging to the quality of the food. I’m more than interested to be apart of any campaigns that are to come yet . Thanks alot

Mona M, 29 السنوات

3.5 / 5

Its nice, we want to test more products

Mariam N, 41 السنوات

5 / 5

My cat loved the food from the beginning, I didn’t had to mix Purina One with her old cat food to make her used to it. I have noticed that my cat eats the full plate in one sitting, before she used to leave some of the food behind, I think she likes Purina ONE a lot.

Zahra S, 30 السنوات

3 / 5

Thank you PURINA for giving me opportunity to try the PURINA One Difensis to my cats. All my cats loves it and theyre all gained weight especially Kingkong, He's so big now and heavy. Also they are so hyper and playing a lot. Definitely will buy it again.

Jamila S, 48 السنوات

5 / 5

1. Great pack of sample 2.My happy cats 3. Healthy cats. 4. Shiny skin/ fur 5. Thanks a lot

Resmi K, 41 السنوات

5 / 5

With all honestly, i really saw improvements on my cat after i fed her purina one, she is more active, plays more and just looks healthier overall

Mohamad A, 25 السنوات

4.5 / 5

This cat food has changed my cats life! He is more active and loves to play more than ever! Shiny coat as well!

Jessica M, 29 السنوات

5 / 5

My cats can’t get enough of it! They wait for meals and eat very well.

Beatriz M, 62 السنوات

4 / 5

Me and my cat were very happy about the package and it was a great trial. I hope to get more chances to try other items as well.

Britta K, 47 السنوات

5 / 5

My cat love it she is run when see me to put the food ???

Areej A, 56 السنوات

5 / 5

PURINA has all the ingredients which are required for the cat for its growth and development. I would strongly recommend it for all

Anitha P, 36 السنوات

4.5 / 5

Excellent experience

Reeja R, 36 السنوات

4.5 / 5

No More headaches with Purina ONE, just a scoop in the morning and my cat feels energized all day... the fur looks much firmer and not flying around all over the floor and furniture and specially the ease of use is what seals the deal.

Ralph B, 39 السنوات

4.5 / 5

The process was amazing as it also helped me connect with some awesome people around. There is this amazing lady by the name Lisa who feeds stray cats and has plenty of her own too. She has also given positive feedback on the pack. Said, the cats developed an instant liking for the food and finished it in one go ma shaa Allah. The challenge got over soon coz we had many cats and less of food. Nevertheless, I hope all the people involved will now head to the supermart to get more Purina ONE packs for their cuties :) In shaa Allah

Mrs amer s K, 45 السنوات

5 / 5

excellent choice

Ghada N, 39 السنوات

5 / 5

It’s really good for my pet.now my kitty has improved a lot in daily activities...craving for purina all the time.....

Smitha G, 41 السنوات