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Keeps you on track!

There's nothing worse than being setback by something as small as a blister.

Triggered by many different causes, they can make it difficult to walk and stop you from being at your best. Sometimes for days on end. 

Do you love outdoor activities? Is your job asking a lot from your feet? Wearing a new pair of shoes? Hotter temperatures making your feet swell causing normally comfortable shoes to rub? Discover a solution designed to create an optimal healing environment for blisters that also provides instant pain relief and deep cushioning. 

We’ll keep the name a secret for now but we promise, it’s a great solution!

Whether you’re a high heel lover or addicted to new trainers, you no longer have to worry about that special occasion, important race or big night out being ruined.

This product ensures blisters won’t slow you down.

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Treatment technology with proven effectiveness

Get yourself into shape! It seems simple and yet... It’s by creating an environment conducive to healing that the Compeed® blister plasters offer superior healing capacities and faster pain relief than classic plasters (or dry plasters). But how does it work exactly? The three details which change everything...

Get to know the Compeed® brand better

How will the Compeed® plasters help me? Long-standing expertise Compeed® has been building its reputation as a leader of blister plasters in France for long enough that its story can be told. This story begins in 1955 when Elise Sorensen, a Danish nurse, created disposable adhesive pockets to relieve her patients...

Take them everywhere!

Great news! We’ve just received confirmation that your Compeed® parcel is en route. So very soon you can start your programme and get to know Compeed® plasters. Whether you’re a city-dweller in a hurry or a seasoned athlete...

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Lucky you! You’re now a Compeed® ambassador. You’re among the 750 ambassadors ready to join the adventure. Soon you’ll receive your Compeed® products. A true reference in the field of healing plasters, Compeed® has...

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