General Terms of Use Sampleo

Sampleo provides a platform for exchanges between companies and consumers. We aim to offer comprehensive information to help consumers with their purchasing decisions and a tool for brands to communicate with their customers in a different way.


Before taking part in Sampleo campaigns and receiving products, users must create an account by entering their email and password. An email will be sent to the email address provided to confirm the address's authenticity. For first-time campaigns, members must complete an additional survey featuring a special form for their personal details (first name, surname, post code and email address, number of children, age, current employment status, etc.). A person can only create and use one account.

Two people from the same household can each register on Sampleo, but Sampleo will only send one product at a time to the household.

You acknowledge and agree that as part of your registration with Sampleo, you may be subject to advertising campaigns involving the testing of alcoholic beverages and receive related information by email".

Eligibility to receive a product

Anyone registered as a Sampleo member may receive products. However, some rules apply.

    The consumer can only receive one product out of all those available. A consumer can only receive one product at a time. Once committed to a test, (s)he cannot take part in other campaigns. When the campaign is over (and the consumer has given his/her review and it has been validated by Sampleo), (s)he can once again apply for new campaigns. All applications are analysed by Sampleo and the partner brand and a group of members is chosen on the basis of their profiles. At any time after the tester selection, Sampleo may decide not to send the product to a member if information is brought to its knowledge that the member should not have been selected (same home as another ambassador, false information, etc.). In such an eventuality, that member's participation shall be canceled and the member may commit to other campaigns on the site. A Sampleo member will not be able to claim a new product until providing a review of the previously tested product. Sampleo members are committed to only applying for products that interest them. They also undertake to personally try all the products they receive.
Terms of Service

Only physical people can become members (not companies). To register, you must have valid postal and electronic addresses and be resident in metropolitan France. If you have not reached legal adulthood you must also ask for permission from your parents or guardians. By registering, you confirm that you have received this permission.

Generally when you connect to the Sampleo website, blog:
  • You agree to abide by these Terms of Use.
  • You are solely responsible for the data that you distribute and/or use and/or transfer.
  • You agree that you will not distribute any comments, opinions or information that are defamatory, abusive, obscene, violent, racist and/or, more generally, in breach of applicable French legislation or regulations, human rights, public order or common decency.
  • You agree not to disseminate any commercial content. When you are asked to provide information, you agree to: supply real information that is accurate and up-to-date at the time of entry and, in particular, not to use false names, qualities or addresses, or names, qualities or other addresses without being authorised to do so. Maintain up-to-date registration data to ensure accuracy and precision. Do not make available or distribute illegal, objectionable or otherwise harmful information, programmes or viruses, hacking or copying software).
  • Accept that any transmitted information (photos/video of a test, opinion written about a product, or broadcast publicly on or any other medium anonymously.

    In case of violation of these provisions, the content that you have put online can be removed without prior notice and your access to the services can be suspended or terminated because of your own exclusive fault and without prejudice or any right to attribute liability to anyone else.

    When one of the "product tests" concerns alcoholic beverages, and whether you are an ambassador or not, you are prohibited from making any promotion that may be intrusive and/or interstitial, and intended for public or youths, minors and/or via the networks and online communication systems of a sports association or related bodies as per Article L. 3323- 2 of the Public Health Code. You agree to attach to any communication relating to these "product tests", including in the execution of assignments, the statement "alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. If you fail to comply with the applicable legal provisions, you will be solely responsible for the consequences of the promotion or publicity in question. In no event shall Sampleo be liable.

    False communications or misleading information has an impact on the quality of Sampleo's services to its customers. For this reason, Sampleo reserves the right at all times to delete the account of a member if misleading or knowingly misleading personal information is communicated.

    Sampleo reserves the right to modify, interrupt or stop a campaign, with or without warning to members. If this right is applied, Sampleo can in no case be held responsible for direct or indirect damage suffered by a member or a third party. Sampleo exclusively collects personal data that members give voluntarily to join the Sampleo program.

    In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, rectify or delete any information about you by doing so in the online "Account" area or by writing to us directly via the contact section or at: < >
    This information is for Sampleo.

    The products sent are intended for the member, (s)he is therefore solely responsible for the use that (s)he makes of it and whether or not (s)he wants to share them with his/her family or relations. Sampleo is in no way responsible for the use made of gifts sent to its members. It is therefore the responsibility of each member to respect the use prescribed by the company that makes and/or distributes the service or product that Sampleo makes available to the member.

    It is also the member's responsibility to verify that the offers sent are not renewed after the trial offered by Sampleo (for example, services that once tested are provided on a subscription basis).

    The use of the product (or trial offer of a service) during the trial offered by Sampleo is therefore the sole and entire responsibility of the member. In no event shall Sampleo be held responsible for any misuse of any sent product.

    In case of campaign participation, the member receives free of charge the product to be tested as well as samples, information or purchase jump. It is strictly forbidden to sell test products or any other component of the package. Any offender shall be prosecuted by Sampleo before the competent authorities.

Close account

All members have the option to terminate the service at any time via the website's My account section or simply by request. Sampleo will not be held liable for any member or third party in the event of an account being closed.

Personal details

Our personal data collection is registered with the CNIL under the number 1488087.

At the time of member registration Sampleo SAS will collect personal data about the member (e.g. telephone number, postal address, e-mail, etc.). Sampleo SAS only collects the information of those who register as a member on the Sampleo platform.

This information allows Sampleo SAS to send the member gifts but also to improve member services or to send them mails with service information. By using Sampleo services, members accept the processing of this data. The member also agrees to receive emails about commercial offers from Sampleo (Newsletters) and/or its partners. The member has a right to unsubscribe from these newsletters without unsubscribing from Sampleo.

Cookies contain information that a website saves on your computer when you browse the internet. Their use is common and offers many advantages. They make navigation easier by recording your preferences as you surf. Cookies are not linked to any personal information and do not extract any personal information that was initially transmitted in the form of a cookie.

We use cookies on our site so that you can surf on other pages while staying connected. In addition, cookies can help customise pages and take account of our users' wishes.

For Sampleo, the cookie allows, if you are registered, automatic identification without having to re-enter your username or password with each connection.

You can always disable cookies via the browser menu as follows:

For Mozilla Firefox :
  1. Choose the menu "Tools" and then "Options"
  2. Click on "Privacy"
  3. Find the menu "cookie" and selected your options
For Microsoft Internet Explorer :
  1. Choose the menu " Tools ", then "Internet options" (or "Internet Options").
  2. Click on the tab "Confidentiality"
  3. Select the desired level using the cursor.
For opéra:
  1. Choose the menu "Files" then "Preferences"
  2. Privacy
For Google Chrome
  1. Choose the menu "personalise and manage Google Chrome"
  2. Click on the icon "delete navigation data”…"
  3. Find the menu "cookie" and select your options

On the other hand, the consumer accepts that Sampleo SAS has full ownership of consumer reviews. In this context, the company may, if it wishes and after acceptance of the present terms by the member, use these comments for commercial purposes. Sampleo reserves the right to modify the present terms of use at any time. In this case, the applicable terms will be those in force on the date of your connection to the site.
These terms are subject to French law.


By registering on the Sampleo site you agree to receive a regular email (in the form of a newsletter) telling you about new features on the site.

You can unsubscribe from this at any time by adjusting your account settings and through the unsubscription links.
By registering on our site and accepting our general terms of use, you also agree to receive regular tracking emails about your process of registration in our test campaigns.
Thus, by applying for campaigns, you may receive occasional emails about your application: subscription to our blog's newsfeed, subscription reminders, promotional offers from partner brands, etc.
If you are chosen for one of our ambassador programmes, you will receive regular emailed updates about the status of your campaign, including information about, for example, selection, the dispatch of your package, the opening and tracking of your missions, etc.
You can unsubscribe at any time through the unsubscription links in these emails. You will also receive emails about your other applications and ambassador programmes in progress.