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Discover Dix products for your health and sports performance

Dix is a French company specializing in high-quality dietary supplements, founded on scientific studies aimed at enhancing the performance and helping people achieve their goals in a healthy and optimal manner.

Their team of experts reviews the latest clinical and scientific studies to develop their products. It is a young brand that has already gained the trust of high-level athletes.

Among all the products, you will have the chance to test one of these 4 products :

Shilajit: It is the result of a combination of plant materials and rocks combined and agglomerated.
It will replenish your mineral reserves and provide you with numerous benefits.

Fat Burner: This fat burner enables you to use your fat reserves as your main source of energy. This makes it ideal before your endurance sessions, as your body will be able to mobilize a greater quantity of subcutaneous fat during your workout.

Turkesterone: Turkesterone acts on protein synthesis by accelerating translocation processes. The latter enables better and faster construction of new muscle tissue in the event of torn muscle fibers during training.

Ecdysterone: The combination of Hydroxypropyl-Cyclodextrin complex and black pepper extract doubles the absorption capacity of the supplement. With high-quality Ecdysterone, you maximize its absorption, making you a double winner. Not only will you see an increase in muscle tissue and extra strength, but Beta-Ecdysterone has also shown very positive effects on bone and joint health.

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